As mothers or with lovers, or maybe just for yourself. To show that you were here, you existed, were beautiful and someone cared enough about you to want your picture.

Garry Sarre will reveal a reality of you that perhaps you hadn’t dared to dream - or even consider.

Beautiful glamour photography in Perth by Garry Sarre

Glamour Photography

Our style of glamour photography is more natural and far more appealing to you and your loved ones than the more ‘plastic’ style. Professional make-up is always applied but all the glamour in the world is useless if it doesn’t capture and reveal some of your personality, warmth and character.

Pregnancy Photography

You’ll be surprised at how flattering and glamorous pregnancy photography can be. Pregnancy photography captures a brief yet significant time, so if you can, it’s nice to include your beloved as well. Looking back, you’ll be really happy that you did.

Couples Photography

You’ll love it, and believe it, he’ll love it too. Our couple’s photography will show your affection and love for each other. A beautiful range of photography, individually and together.

Session prices

Our photography is superior and our prices competitive. Sessions start at $200. Your time is now.