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What is a Master Photographer in the AIPP Australian Institute of Professional Photography?

Professional photographers from Australia and New Zealand compete for a number of industry awards by submitting four images, which are judged by a panel of their peers. The Canon AIPP APPA attracts hundreds of entries and is the industry’s premier event.

AIPP Members who participate in Canon AIPP APPA are able to accrue "award points" which count towards the achievement of Associate and Master status within AIPP. Garry has won dozens of these awards during his career and has achieved the status of Master Photographer Il.

At State level Garry has also won “Advertising Photographer of the Year,” “Fashion Photographer of the Year” and in 2009, the prized John Whitfield-King Award which is awarded for the “Best People Picture.”

  • 1989 Western Australian Advertising Photographer of the year
  • 1990 Western Australian Fashion Photographer of the year
  • Gold - 1997 National AIPP National Print Awards
  • Silver/Silver Distinction Awards AIPP National Print Awards 1997-2010
  • 2009 John Whitfield King Award for best people picture of the year WA
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