November 18, 2014

Is it Vain to Want a Portrait of Yourself?

Audrey Hepburn Style Portrait
Is it vain to want a portrait of yourself?Imagine this young women is your mother or your grandmother. Time has passed, she may even be in a nursing home.No doubt thoughts would have crossed her mind when considering this. The annoying, negative, nagging ones.

‘What will my mother think. My father! My jealous sister, my insecure friend. They already think I’m after their fellas.’

I imagine they were then relieved by a few positive thoughts.

‘No, I really do want a lovely picture of me in my best years, or at least my better looking ones. Yes, I know people will say I am still beautiful when I’m older but it would be nice for my children/neices’grandchildren to see me when I was their age. To look at my portrait and think.. I have her nose/eyes. Gee, she was a beauty…I mean, still is but…’

If she hasn’t done her head in with all the pros and cons and given up, she may arrives at….

‘…damn it, I’m doing this for me’, and she goes about choosing a photographer to her taste.

So is it vain? To be honest, we rarely have what I would consider to be a ‘vain’ person come into our studio.

More like courageous and generous.

You set yourself up for not only compliments from true friends, but negative comments from untrue or perhaps just insecure ones. That takes courage. Equally, being portrayed in an image, is generous in showing who you are and what you aspire to be, you expect to be treated in life.

The young woman pictured below, once said. ‘It’s about loving yourself, not being ‘In-love’ with yourself’.

(Pictured – Odelia Sarre. daughter, make-up artist and studio partner. Taken Nov 2014 on the studio veranda. She has two daughters of her own)


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