December 8, 2014

Softness & Film Grain = Timeless Beauty

Nude Portrait GlamourousI have forgotten her name.. yet we see this picture every day, tucked away on a Balinese easel inside the studio garage entrance.Taken in 1990, it was the beginning of my appreciation of softness and grain.It was shot in the old hops storage building in Northbridge where we had our studio. The wall behind had paint hurled and flung at it. The pink chiffon hung from 5 mtres to get that lovely, effortless billow.Shot for a charity art auction, the model – from Liz Carberry’s – donated her time and her comfort. The temperature was about 10 deg. in that big, cold warehouse.

Nothing is sharp in this shot which I reckon allows you to feel the image… and not just look at it.

‘She’ was shot on Agfachrome 1000 film with Pentax and softar to achieve pastel tones…and that lovely, evocative graininess that we still put in some of our portraits today.

She, whoever ‘she’ is, would be about forty something now. Contact us if you know who she is.

What a treasure. I bet she’s glad she did it.


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