October 21, 2010

The Ultimate Wedding Gift

This sparkly Irish-eyed Lass came to us recently. Colleen (getting married next week) didnt have it in mind at the time but finished her session with a bevvy of glamourous feminine portraits suitable for a wedding gift for her fiance.

Colleen lives far north of Perth, but we were able to get her shoot and viewing completed on a short trip down in between her planning all her other “wedding things” of which from recent personal experience realise there are many! 

Sarre Photography’s portraiture is popular for Wedding and Anniversary gifts. Personal portraits are something no-one else can give a partner and your partner feels pretty special that they are specifically for them! They are something that lasts a lifetime (or more) as well as something you can be immensely proud of (even more so towards the latter part of the lifetime!)

Some clever ladies have even chosen our fine art portraits as their “Paper” gift to present on their first wedding annniversary. This is further enhanced by our exclusive useage of Canson Fine Art Papers, the same paper Picasso painted upon.

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