March 23, 2011

Still Stunning at Sixty

Like many Yvonne has always wanted a beautiful portrait session however had the usual reservations. After receiving one of our gift vouchers for her 60th birthday she was all out of excuses! Here are a few things she had to say about her experience:

“Just wanted to say again, thank you for the most wonderful present for my birthdays.  Its particularly nice to have something so lovely for my sixtieth, so when I’m feeling like granny I can look at those amazing photos.  

 I’ll just keep saying it to you both THANK YOU for such a truly amazing gift.  It is one that has had so many parts to it, – the surprise to start, the anticipation, the night before and the excitement, the session itself, the giggles of the memories of the session, the viewing and of course the memories for a lifetime.  Let alone the fact that just having seen my body looking ok has done wonders for my confidence. And all my worrying whether that’s right or wrong doesn’t seem to matter, it just is, which is putting me in a really great place. 

The whole experience was such an adventure.  So different to anything I had ever done before.  Excitement, nerves, laughter and fun.  What was the most amazing of all, was the confidence I gained from it.  I’ve always lacked self confidence and been intimidated about the way I and my body look, but the session and the beautiful results showed me that I don’t have to feel that way.  Thank you for that growth. It was a truly wonderful experience from start to finish.”

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