November 3, 2015

Sharon You Are Sick, On Chemo and Post Masectomy!

‘I would love to win a Sarre Personal Portrait because… I am 41 years old and have spent the last two years working hard at the gym and changing my diet to create a fitter and healthier body.

Two months ago, I discovered a breast lump and was diagnosed with breast cancer. I am typing this out from my hospital bed having had a mastectomy and reconstruction six days ago. No way am I going to let all the hard work at the gym go to waste and I think a photo shoot will be motivating.

I am a bit of a ‘go getter’ and this bloomin’ situation is very frustrating for me, so I’m viewing it as a bump in the road.

The new breast they have given me is better than I could have hoped for and once they do the second operation; I should look okay (in clothes anyway).’










Cynthia Moneypenny Looking forwards to reading your story and beautiful photos. Tomorrow is my surgery day!

Angela Young You will look more than okay, you will look beautiful sharon. I am looking forward to following your story

Kat Piachaud Go Sharron, what an amazing story and inspirational woman! Xx

Anastasia Shinkfield So far I have been blown away by how amazing your diva dozen are! You guys couldn’t have picked better! These women deserve to have a beautiful experience!

Nat Scali How beautiful xx

Susan Johnson Very lovely, and Garry will make sure all that shows in your pics.

Samantha Shaffer Oh wow, what a story. A well deserved win for sure. I look forward to seeing the amazing photos that Garry has taken, and I’m sending you much love for a full recovery Sharon xxx


Odelia speaks about her make-up session with Sharon prior to the shoot.

“I don’t want to look like a sick person.”, Sharon Baxter said to me. She also mentioned that she had said to her oncologist’s receptionist,

“I’ll be the most glamourous sick person you’ve ever seen.”

We did this shoot just shy of Sharon commencing chemotherapy, and after Sharon’s mastectomy.

Sharon has lovely skin but I wanted to make sure that she had an inner glow which I did by putting highlighters underneath the foundation. I was also aware of Sharon’s fear of hair loss and so added false lashes for a bit of glamour and definition.

Sharon is shortly to have her second operation, so please wish her well and like our page to follow Sharon’s progress through to her finished framed portrait.










Vivienne Ní Fhearghaíl Beautiful photo x

Sharon Baxter My hair is all gone now, but I have the biggest collection of lovely scarves and hats ever seen I think!! I felt fabulous that day thanks to Odelias lovely make up and Garrys direction 

Liesl Pollock Awesome picture, so beautiful xxx

Samantha Shaffer Oh wow, gorgeous Sharon! And well done Garry and Odelia. Sending you lots of healing vibes Sharon xxx

Sandra Pallett Carlyle You look stunning💕beautiful lady. X

Cynthia Moneypenny beautiful x

Emma Bright Beautiful

Jo Olsen Your looking amazing , I hope you have all the love and support that you need.

Melissa Aramini Stunning










Sharon. You’re sick, on chemo and post mastectomy. Act you age!

Sometimes family and friends are shocked by some of the portraits women choose to do. They judge and assume all kinds of things.

To look at this image of someone you don’t know, it’s tempting to make all kinds of assumptions.

Yet if you were told that this women has had one breast removed, is just completing a course of chemotherapy and currently has no hair, the light may dawn on this lady’s reason do this wonderful, sexy and playful pinup style shot. She just wants to look normal.

And when you are 85 years old, would you really regret having a gorgeous, sexy shot like this done… and to hell with your jealous sister/friend/mother in law.

What better motivation for our May Diva to get well, her ‘bump in the road’ as she puts it.

  • Nina Frattaroli An inspiration – and you look gorgeous!
    Sharon Baxter Wow, I love this one. I really really hope that these photos inspire people to NOT let cancer define them. And….whilst I don’t look like this at the moment, seeing these photos motivates me to stay on top and get back to this xx
    Melissa Aramini Love this one
    Trish Chapman A beautiful photo of a beautiful, courageous woman. How amazing for her to be able to look back on her post-cancer treatment and know she looked this fabulous! As a b/c survivor, I love my pics taken by Garry back in 2013. Thank you for sharing on here, and all the best to a successful journey Sharon! xoxo
    Angela Young Very sexy
    Samantha Shaffer Beautiful inside and out, and truly inspirational
    Jacqui Lavell-haigh Gorgeous photo!
    Bonnie McIlroy I think she shld have the portrtait just for her self esteem xx
    Vivienne Smith So beautiful 
    Janette Rehua you look beautiful fast healing to you xxx
    Veronica Cutchey Amazing pic Sharon……you little vixen you!!!
    Barbara Grant Lovely Sharon I think you are amazing.xx
    Deborah Bailey Stunning keep fighting x
    Cynthia Moneypenny Gorgeous Sharon….love the cheeky pose
    Sallie Harrison WOW so sassy
    Lisa Austin Very naughty but nice! Love this one, I bet hubby does too! Xxx
    Pat Granny Tomlinson Great Sharon!xxx
    Susan Johnson Sharon, you are truly beautiful, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. x
    Jo Olsen You look amazing and what a fun picture
    Elaine Notley Beautiful photo x
    Madeline Towns Stunning xxx
    Deanne Parker Legend sharon Look fabulous
    Vivienne Ní Fhearghaíl Actually very pretty Meg Ryan pose Mrs
    Vivienne Ní Fhearghaíl Gorgeous and please don’t say someone made a negative comment, if yes don’t pay any heed
    Liesl Pollock No words………. Xxxxxxxx
    Heidi Tattam Beautiful photo Sharon xx
    Yasmin Saeed I don’t know u sharon , but i can tell that u r a beautiful women inside and outside and nothing is gonna change that and be strong and get well soon
    Nat Scali You look simply stunning.. what an inspiration to us all
    She has had a mastectomy and recently finished her last chemotherapy treatment. By the looks of this shot she sent us from hospital, it’s about as much fun as a colonoscopy preparation..‘I am so aware of the fact my body is now different and will never be the same again. Don’t get me wrong I am grateful to have caught breast cancer early enough to have the opportunity to have it removed. But it doesn’t change the fact that I will never have my own breast again. That said, I am determined to stay fit and healthy and make the most of my body. I refuse to let cancer make me feel I have to hide away.,’ SharonSharon’s words are who Sharon is, and this beautiful and elegant figure study, shows her quiet strength, her beauty and elegance.Many happy returns for your hair Sharon.









  • Sharon Baxter I think I would rather have the said colonoscopy!! But anyway, I am so happy that I am finished and I have come out the other side of chemo in one piece. Seeing the surgeon tomorrow to discuss the next stage of reconstruction x
    Samantha Shaffer Beautiful woman, both inside and out. Again another gorgeous image Garry. And sending you lots of healing vibes Sharon.
    Sharon Baxter Thank you Samantha xx
    Claire Bennett I think this is such a beautiful photo of you
    Nat Scali Amazing lady & as brave as anything Xx
    Emma Bright Beautiful, in both pictures! You look like kylie gillies from the morning show 😀
    Louise Turner Beautiful
    Tegan Cheeseman You are so beautiful bless u
    Sharon Baxter Thank you Clare King. This is one of my favourites xx
    Angela Young Beautiful, it really shows off your curves.
    Sharon Baxter Now that is a huge compliment, thank you xx
    Clare King I think all the photos have been amazing but this one is superb, carry on healing lovely girl, xxxxxxxxx
    She has had a mastectomy and recently finished her last chemotherapy treatment.For her framed portrait – Sharon chose a confident image in just a shirt.A shirt? Women think they have to be so many things that they are not to look attractive. Just a simple shirt will do.When your fella comes home, greet him in one of his shirts, and you’ll see how under rated they are. Of course, as one 85 year old lady said, ‘I don’t want to encourage him.’

    Sharon says…

    “When the time came a few weeks later to pick my photos, I found it hard to choose. I wanted one that I could hang on the wall in the living area of my house and see it every day.

    All the photos were wonderful. ALL of them I find motivating. I look at them now and I say to myself, “that’s what I will get back to”. And I will. Thank you Garry and Odelia for giving me something to help my journey. It was a wonderful experience and I am grateful to you both for putting me at ease.”

    Thank you so much for sharing with us Sharon. It’s a brave thing to allow us to take these pictures of you and show them on our Face Book page. Hopefully, the response has been all positive.










  • Sharon Baxter I am so glad I picked this photo to bring home. It now hangs pride of place in my living area. I look at it every single day and say to myself “I will get back there” xx
     Jo Olsen I love this one all of them were great but this is a keeper .
    Greg Bowen Stunning …. What an awesome photo … Woman in a mans shirt … Nice smile emoticon
    Melissa Aramini This is my fav one of you.
    Sharon Denise Raffa Sharon, you are brave and beautiful… Hat’s off to you! x x x x x
    Nat Scali Beautiful simply stunning
    Paula Smith Beautiful Sharon 
    Nina Frattaroli You look fantastic – I hope you are feeling better soon xx
    Sue Pearson You already ARE there Sharom! Beautiful!
    Clare King One word….Beautiful, xxxxx
    Jill Johnson You look amazing Sharon. X

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