February 10, 2014

Portraits of Me For My Husband-To-Be

The perfect email to receive first thing on a Monday morning! Nothing beats portraits of yourself as a gift to your partner – it is generous, giving of your self and no-one else can just duck down to the store or order it online for them. Thank you Jenny!

“The album of photos I made for my Husband-to-be was meant to be opened by him on the morning of our wedding, after I had gone into the hotel, but, as is usually the case, the morning got so hectic he didn’t get a chance! So he opened it that night when we got back to our hotel room, after our wedding. Sometimes those little things that go wrong can turn into just the right thing. I was so glad I was there when he opened the album. The look on his face was one of the wedding memories I will never forget. He loves the album, he loves the giant wall canvas. I love the album and the wall canvas. I can not thank you enough.

For any women who are nervous about having these type of photos taken, I wish I could tell them all – believe me when I say, you will be nervous when you make the booking, you will be nervous when you arrive at the studio, you will be nervous when you are getting your hair and make-up done – anticipating that you will be nervous in your photo shoot. Then, Garry starts to chat to you and tell you exactly what to do….and you are not nervous. Not one bit. Garry is THE most professional man and knows exactly what to do to get the right photo. You won’t regret having these photos taken, you will be amazed when you see yourself in the photos, and although you will think you might like one or two of them, you will love them all.

Thank you for the experience Garry, and since there are a few pages left at the back of the album, at the suggestion of my Husband, I might see you again for some pregnancy photos when the time comes.”

Kind regards

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