September 5, 2013

Portraits Fit for a Princess

One of the most commented on pieces we have at the studio is the “Princess” skirt we had custom made. It is layer upon layer of delicate “princess” tulle  with swarovski crystals delicately hand sewn in streams as subtle detailing. We only pull it out for those that truly love it – it is not for everyone. It really comes into its own when the image is printed onto Canvas – as can be viewed at the studio. The  type of fine art canvas we use is exclusive to our studio and it gives the image a tactile feel. When you see this skirt on canvas it is almost as though you can reach out and grab the layers of tulle, they appear to float.

Here is is Shey in the piece along with a beautiful close-up image. Garry chose these poses for Shey as he felt they reflected her gentle nature.

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