May 26, 2014

Is Boudoir back?

Specialising in womens portraiture in Perth for over 30 years now we’ve seen trends in photography come and go. It feels like not so long ago Boudoir was a dirty word. We’ve seen a few newbies on the block calling themselves “Boudoir” photographers, is it a case of what was old is new again? We’ve been around long enough to know that regardless of trends to stay true to ourselves, keep it classy, classic and above all flattering.

This image of Lynette is 10 years old yet is as relevant now as it was then. The brilliance of Garry’s work is that it is so timeless that you will never be embarassed by it down the track (unlike the 80’s glamour styles that women often say are hiding in their closets or lurking under their beds.)

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