May 10, 2011

“He couldn’t stop talking about them, and telling me how much he loved the photos and how much he loved me!”

It is truly rewarding for us when someone takes the time to give us feedback on their experience with us. Anita – a bubbly Californian currently living in Perth decided there was no time like the present to give something to her husband that no-one else could! Some glamourous portraits she knew he would love!

We love that simply by presenting her glamourous portraits to her husband, Anita created a special occaision for them both.

Here a just a few of the beautiful photos chosen by Anita. The fun one at the end shows her wearing the tie her husband wore on their wedding day.

Odelia and Garry,

You have another fan — my husband Vince! I brought home the beautiful photos yesterday and surprised Vince with them when he got home. I placed a large framed print in our foyer so he would see it as he got off the lift, then another one in the dining room. I placed the three more intimate lingerie portraits and the layful “man’s shirt” shot in the bedroom.

When he saw the first photo in the foyer he smiled and told me he really, really liked it. It took him a moment to notice the second one in the dining room, but when he did his reaction was the same. He thought I was “just beautiful.” When I opened the bedroom door to show him the others, he just stopped and stared at the photos. It took him so long to say something that I was afraid he didn’t like them.

After a moment, he gathered up all 5 framed portraits and set them next to each other. He studied at them one by one, and then finally looked back at me. With misty eyes and a choked up voice he said “now I know you really understand me. This is how I see you. Only one woman in a million knows how much a man appreciates being able to look at his lover’s body at any time. We men are visually oriented, and you have given me a beautiful gift – the gift of yourself.”

Vince is known as the “talker” in our marriage, but he was rendered speechless for several minutes. When he recovered himself, he couldn’t stop talking about them, and telling me how much he loved the photos and how much he loved me! Thank you for helping me please my husband so tremendously.

When we retired for the evening, I brought out the box of A4 photos for him to look at and told him about my plan to put these into a private album especially for him. Again, he spent a long time studying each photo, shuffling back and forth between different poses. He especially enjoyed the pose with the “hip curve.” Afterward, he said “I don’t know how much you paid for these, but they are worth any price. These capture you the way I see you in my mind. I’m really going to enjoy looking through these in the future.”

I’m so glad I didn’t wait until our anniversary to have these photos taken. Life is so short that we must make every day count, and there’s no reason to hold back giving the love of my such joy simply because it isn’t a special occasion. Our evening became a special occasion, one that we both will always remember. Vince took a framed A4 photo of me to the office this morning, and he commented that every time he sees it on his desk, he will be reminded of our special night and of how much in love he is with me. What more can anyone ask for? I am overwhelmed — and pleased beyond imagination — by Vince’s obvious delight.

Thank you again, although these words don’t seem to be nearly enough to communicate the depth of my gratitude.

Best regards,

Anita Vetter


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