September 5, 2013

Glamourous Portraits At Any Age

We are often asked what age range our clients typically are. To be honest the range is large and people are often surpised. We have shot from days old to over 80, but typically the women who come to us are usually from early twenties to late sixties. Whatever your age a beautiful photographic session with us seems to be done at the “right” time. It might be celebrating a milestone birthday, needing to feel more positive about yourself or because it is something you have wanted to “do” for ages. Irrespective of age the results are always more than what our clients dared to hope for.

Here is a gorgeous sepia image of Dorothy who came to us recently. A vibrant 68 year old woman who breeds racehorses. It was lovely have an open minded mature woman who was giving of herself during the session and overall experience. Thank you Dorothy!


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