August 20, 2010

Exquisite Priceless Glamourous Portraits in Perth

We just love hearing about what happens when you show your loved ones the portraits we have created, Sue sent us this letter about the unveiling of her anniversary gift. As a bonus Peter her partner has also wrote his comments. Thanks Sue, it was truly a pleasure to have met you, we hope you feel free now to share those lovely eyes with others!


















Hello Odelia and Garry,

 Well, I finally managed to persuade Peter to have his present early.

I hung two in our room first, then brought him in to see. He was speechless!  He absolutely loves every one of them, he says they show me how he sees me and couldn’t I tell now what a beautiful woman I was???  I said it was makeup and trick photography but no, he said that was exactly how I was. I said it was because of him and for him that I did it, but I suffered great pangs of guilt and stress because we really can’t afford it and I should have waited…Peter disagreed wholeheartedly, he said they were exquisite and priceless…so what if we don’t get a shed – a shed is only for putting crap in – this is worth every cent!

 He spent all weekend just gazing at them, the one with the shirt on and black lingerie is already on the family room wall – I said won’t the kids die of embarrassment, he said it was their problem!

My arty daughter thought the nude was the best, she said it was so artistic – beautiful – so I didn’t have to worry about her at least hehe!

 So I’ll shut up now – I’m just relieved to have given the present, and to give him such joy was the most wonderful thing that could have happened.

 I hope this imparts how much love and happiness you’ve given us!

 Kind regards,  Sue

 Those photos are pure inspiration on your part. They are an exquisite tribute to an exquisite lady at whom i never tire of looking, and to have those photos on the wall is to always have her near.
– Peter

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