April 30, 2015

Female Portrait Photography : Bokeh Effect

female portrait Subiaco studio

female portrait Subiaco studio

While Allysha was in make-up, I decided to do an old worldy tapestry image with her. After combining some pictures of old roses (my mothers), a ballet tulle skirt, I printed the image onto some fine Indian cotton canvas and hung it behind her, as you see in the background in this image.

The lovely soft bokeh (out of focus feel), was obtained shooting on a medium format Hasselblad camera. Giving lovely, melty backgrounds and gentle, real skin tones. A simple silk piece of fabric was hung on Allysha’s bust and clipped behind. I would hope that as time passes in Allysha’s life, this image will become more and more valuable to her and her family.

And this is just one of several in her glamorous portrait shoot, taken at our Subiaco studio showing different, and surprising aspects of her personality.

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