April 4, 2013

A gift to myself after losing 30 kilos

“We would like to give you something timeless and beautiful” ……..Well Sarre photography, you have definitely lived up to that!! And I can’t thank you enough!!

I had recently lost 30 kilos and as a gift to myself for the hard work I had accomplished I thought Garry Sarre Photography would be the perfect idea. To have photos of my new body and to be able to look at them for motivation and to look back on as time goes by



Friends of mine had had theirs done with Garry before so I thought what have I got to lose. And from there I booked a session! Beyond the gates of 48 barker street Subi, I was met by Garry Sarre who invited me into his beautiful studio who then introduced me to the lovely Yvette Gray who was such a beautiful person and a talented makeup artist. She worked her magic then I was met by Garry who led me up to his studio upstairs. With the beautiful lighting, relaxing music, i was left feeling comfortable. Garry led me through each and every pose, and was the nicest man. Every inch of hair was looked after. Absolute perfection and every inch of detail attended too.

Viewing my photos I was met by the lovely Del. I was offered a coffee and sat down whilst my photos flicked on the wall in front of me!! Absolutely speechless!! Each and every photo that was displayed in front of me had me in awe!

I’ve had professional portrait photos taken before but nothing compares to Sarre Photography. This isn’t a makeover at all. The photos are and look exactly how I looked on the day. Garry’s work is just amazing. Today I walk away with timeless little memories that i will proudly display on my walls. Thankyou Garry, Yvette and Del! You have truly made me a happy girl!! Can’t wait to receive them!”

portrait photography


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  • Jodie says May 22nd, 2013 at 9:19am

    You look so beautiful, Kristy.

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