February 22, 2012

Charming Children Family Portraiture

How beautiful are these three? Good genes I guess – their Mum Lisa came to us a few years ago – you might recognise her from the portfolio section of our website.

The recurring theme we find in black and white or sepia family portraits is that “family” is blazingly obvious. Without the distraction of colour, similar features become easy to spot and comments on whom he or she looks like is a topic for discussion amongst family members. We’ve had more than one mother exclaim that their daughter looks exactly like them at the same age.

Lisa was after a birthday gift for her husband and after a session with Garry the result was a series of images that showed Holly, Ethan and Amity’s personalities and individuality both in the portraits they had as a group and separately.

Garry has a knack for understanding family dynamics and allowing this to show through his careful posing. When it comes to children in particular he aims to get a feel for each child’s persona and allowing their expression to demonstrate this rather than choosing forced or false “smiles.” This results in classic, natural and real portraiture that loved ones feel an affinity with.


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