Portrait Photography Perth -
Georgi recently came to us for a session. This is her story...

On the cusp of turning twenty, I was leaving behind the times of childhood, adolescence and mischief and looking at the seemingly daunting world of adulthood. My initiation? My partner, then in the Navy, was deployed to The Gulf for six months. Though I had wonderful support from friends and family, with just little me rambling about the empty house, it was daunting and lonely. The first time, I had ever lived alone.

As many Defence families know, it's the waiting that will get to you. Waiting for a phone call. Waiting for an email. Waiting to hear they are okay. Waiting for that day, when you know your loved one will finally be back- safe, sound, home. I knew it was going to be a rough time so keeping busy was my philosophy. I enrolled in a course, I worked and I tried to keep my eyes from drifting to the calendar on the wall. That damn calendar never seemed to change page. And as busy as I was, still I was crushed by loneliness. I just wanted him back.

It was about mid way through. I'd stepped out the shower, eyes red rimmed and miserable. I looked at myself in the mirror and was shocked at what I saw. This wasn't a vibrant nearly-twenty lady. This was nothing more than a haggard shell. And that's when I knew I couldn't let this encompassing misery win. I was proud of what my partner was doing. He was brave and taking hold of an opportunity. Why was I not doing to same? Life is brief. Appreciation is something we usually only realise when the chance to embrace it has gone. I decided this attitude will not do. Before I would know it, I would be eighty and saggy and regretting that I wasn't happier with my beautiful twenty year old body. Not only that, but my sailor was missing out on six months of me, as I was of him. What could I do, to freeze a section of this time, so he wouldn't miss out and I could feel alive again? Then I found Garry Sarre Photography in Perth and I knew.

Very nervous, I stepped into the Subiaco portrait photography studio. Odelia and Garry greeted me and immediately, I felt the tension ease. I was in capable hands. Just relax. The individual portrait photography session was an opportunity, my deployment if you will. Though I was nude, I never felt naked or stark. I felt like I was a piece of art, appreciated and beautiful. My bips, bumps and lumpy lumps were forgotten, something I never thought possible. This was for my sailor, but it was also for me and Garry understood, taking pictures that would reward us both. By the end, I felt accomplished.

After a careful selection, guided through by Garry and Odelia, I framed my personal portrait favourites and had a canvas made of what I thought would be my partners favourite. It was a good choice. When he finally came home, it took pride of place in his office (the boy zone)- an honour bestowed indeed!!!! We adored the pictures as do all who visit. The most common phrase when people step through our door for the first time is "Wow".

Now, five years on and things are at a whole new level. We are still together and have a beautiful baby boy, who makes us smile everyday. He made a rushed entry into the world via emergency c-section and well, lets just say my body has the battle scars of motherhood that makes bikini's a thing of the past. But you know what? All I have to do, is look over to the wall. There I am. A snapshot of me at nearly twenty. Gorgeous. Vibrant. A young woman who overcame a challenge in 2007 and has five years of love and happiness ahead of her. Portrait photography captured perfectly by Garry Sarre.

Thank you so much!

Georgi Putland