Start your experience with Sarré Photography

The ambience in our photography studio transports you to another world. It’s quiet except for the gentle hum of the lights. It is a space where you can feel confident and alive.

I’m a little camera shy

You’re not alone It’s usually everyone’s first time. We don’t expect you to be a model. Garry will guide you every step of the way.

The reason the women in our portfolio look relaxed, self-assured and happy is because that is how they felt at the time!

What Kind of Shots Will I Do?

Ones that you will look wonderful in. Garry will chat with you about your preferences.

Most people will do many of the kinds of shots you see in our Portfolio. This is usually a once in a lifetime opportunity so it’s best to make the most of it!

If you would like, a dress size in appearance will be lost through flattering posing. Your poses may include close-ups and figure shots. Garry is meticulous when it comes to detail. He will place every lock of hair to ensure everything is perfect and also that no lumpy bits are shown.

Don’t worry… you’ll be spoiled for choice.