Start your experience with Sarré Photography

"From the moment we arrived at your studio we felt comfortable and relaxed, your professional attitude was very reassuring." Kylie

"It's about loving yourself - not being in love with yourself." Carrie

"It's so wonderful that so many people have commented on our pictures - it shows that ordinary couples like ourselves can come to you and have a truly natural and beautiful picture taken together that they too can treasure forever." Amerie

"Yes it was a fun and relaxing day - as promised! Your professionalism and patience shines through every time I look at my pictures. You truly know how to make a woman feel good about herself and create wonderful memories that last forever." Jayne

"From the moment we arrived at your studio we felt comfortable and relaxed, your professional attitude was very reassuring." Kylie

"Our photos are hanging in the two main living areas of the house for all to see ... (which I must admit I was a little uncomfortable about at first, but I must admit .I look damn good!)" Barbara

"I can't believe you actually managed to capture something worth displaying! Allowing such personal images of myself to surface is attributed largely to you and the professional, gentle way in which you work." Anna

"My husband loves the prints. He has been wanting me to do something like this for years but because of my reservations I had avoided it. After seeing the results of your work, I wish I had come to you a long time ago." Andrea

"During the photo session I expected to feel vulnerable, embarrassed or at least a little uncomfortable. Instead your professional manner and relaxed approach put me completely at ease and made the experience a positive, even enjoyable one. It really has been the best boost of self body image I have ever experienced in my life!" Hannah

"You made me feel like a very elegant and important woman. It is with regret that the experience was all too short but it is an experience I will remember and treasure forever. Personally you made me feel like a goddess in every sense of the word." Chloe

"I feel so empowered seeing such stunning images of myself." Renee

"I have not felt so special in a long time and you created magic in only a few hours. I am so amazed that one day has had such a profound effect on my life. I really appreciated the lengths you went to, to ensure I felt comfortable with the whole experience." Chrissy

"Sean has said "Gosh you are beautiful" more times in the past week than he has in the whole four years we have been married! I have so much more confidence in myself. The portraits are as much a present for me as they are for Sean." Danielle

"It is really worth taking the time out to have them done. I know when I turn 70 or 80 I will be able to look back and say.. "Yeah I was a good looking girl in my day, that really was me!" Sam

"I love the shots of my girls. You captured the distinct personality of each. Your unique manner allowed them to be themselves and the results are proudly displayed where all can and do admire them!" Cara

"I want to take this opportunity to thank-you for making the session so relaxing, enjoyable and for taking absolutely brilliant photo's which I adore." Annika

"Again thank-you. Mark had tears in his eyes when he opened the framed "bedroom" one. He then took them with us to his family's house to show them off over Christmas lunch!" Sarah

"The boys had such fun at the shoot and it really shows! Thanks for capturing the love and energy of my husband and our two boys." Amanda

"I was disappointed when my husband had not commented on the photos after two weeks, so I asked him what he thought. He said..."It's the best present you have given me since our two children." Carlene

"You did so much for my daughter Jenny's self esteem that she let go of all her insecurities and has met a great man and is incredibly happy. She has also dropped 10kgs and is looking even more gorgeous than before." Sandy

"I have had nothing but rave reviews from friends and family that have seen the portraits and am now so very glad I decided to go ahead after being apprehensive for some time." Jessica

"My husband (a man of many words) was quietened by the beauty of such wonderful work. Thanks Garry, you have no idea what the photo's mean to us." Debra

"People that see my photo's often ask if I do modeling, I have to laugh - if only they new how little confidence I had in myself before coming to you." Tara

"My kids love the photos too. Stephen, my 14 year old actually put his arm around me and said, "They are beautiful Mum and I am so glad you look like that." Glenda

"Both David and I thought the personal touches were perfect and we now have the fabulous results to treasure. Your professionalism throughout and the quality of the photographs exceeded anything I could have ever imagined." Zoe

"Thank-you for your patience, time, effort and your special kind of magic. I am extremely happy with your work, the photo's of me look gorgeous. I still can't believe how lucky I am to have found you." Sana

"After looking through my photographs for the thousandth time I just can't believe how thrilled I am. From the make-up to the photographic session and finally selecting it was a wonderful experience." Annemarie

"Your work is just amazing you made me look fantastic! Keep up the great work, you made me feel like a million dollars." Sandra

"My portraits smile back for me, a reflection of all that I am and can be. How can a captured fraction of time tell me all this? It doesn't. I already knew but it's something I needed to see!" Simone

"My pictures look spectacular, they are more beautiful than I imagined and worth every penny." Nicole

"Thank-you for capturing the essence of my heart, soul and spirit of my nature in your beautiful photography - at a time I thought I had lost it." Sophia

"The session was a beautiful and uplifting experience from which a lasting impression was made." Joyce

"Garry- you have such special qualities as a person and a rare ability with women, factors clearly evident in your work." Leanne

"Every time we look at our pictures we both see an incredible image of love and contentment - this is such a beautiful visual portrait of our relationship and we truly thank you for capturing that!" Jodie

"It was two years ago that I came to you and I want to say another big thank-you! I absolutely love my portraits and appreciate them more and more each time I look at them." Belinda