Start your experience with Sarré Photography

Simply call us! More than one woman has said “I have wanted to do this for ten years and now I’m just ten years older.” So it’s better to do it now.

You will need to select a day, one where you are free from work, kids and other responsibilities from 9.30am until 12.30pm. This may seem fairly long but you will love every minute of it.

How to Prepare

It’s really simple; we have only a few requests.

  • Hair: If you colour your hair normally please ensure the roots are done. Please have it clean but dry on arrival.
  • Nails: Neat nails make a difference; they don’t have to be acrylic just tidy and free of “chipped” polish.
  • Clean face: Please cleanse and moisturise but don’t apply make-up as we will apply for you.

What to bring

We want the emphasis to be on you. Simple is best. If you have looked at our portfolio you will notice a range of basic wraps and shirts are used extensively throughout. This is because they do not detract from the person or date the images as some fad fashions do. These pieces will all be made available to you for use throughout your photography shoot.

To supplement our selection it is a good idea to bring a few of your own pieces. It is as simple as a favourite pair of jeans, a dress, a top or even one of your own Prince Charming’s shirts.