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Beyond a gate in Subiaco, Western Australia, there is a secret garden. Beyond this secret garden, there is a cottage that is home to a particularly unique photography studio

Redefining Glamour Photography

There was a fashion photographer who loved shooting portraits. He combined the two and it became a form of Glamour Photography. After a while, he felt this style would date. He knew that he loved Black & White Photography, especially in the style of the masters that photographed women like Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe.

Natural but still Glamorous

He loved his prints to have luxurious warm tones and found that not only did this make his portraits more natural looking; they were flattering and timeless as well.

Overcoming your Camera Shyness

He had finally found his professional love but in order to achieve these beautiful images and knowing that women can be terribly camera shy, he had to create a warm and comfortable environment - somewhere familiar, a cottage perhaps.

The Perfect Place

He and his daughter, Odelia, bought a pretty cottage in Subiaco and renovated it. They created a place of calm. A haven that women could feel familiar with, a place comfortable enough to relax and let go a little. Allowing him start at your best and make it better.