October 5, 2010

Got a spare $2million? Diamonds Are A Girls Best Friend – All Captured In A Tiara

Last month Perth was a flurry with the arrival the Argyle Pink Diamond Tiara. It was displayed at Linney’s in Subiaco. Garry was humbled to be chosen to shoot the piece specifically for Rio Tinto’s International Campaign and to collaborate with graphic design extraordinaire Marco Dabala.

The glamourous piece was deisgned by the iconic London jeweller, Asprey and showcases 178 of the rarest Pink Diamonds in the world.

We lugged an enormous car load of photographic equipment down to Linney’s in Subiaco – it seemed to an awful lot for a piece of jewellery. Alan Linney and his staff welcomed us warmly recounting stories of Garry being the very first Linney’s photographer and even pulling out some images they shot of pieces all those years ago – Alan remembers me as a little girl (makes me wonder how many shoots I have sat through in my lifetime).

I must admit I was nervous suspending the tiara in order to do the technical shots, especially as the centre piece seemed to “wiggle” a bit, that was until someone mentioned that the centre part of the tiara could be detatched and worn as a ring! Phew and also what a fantastic idea!


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