April 4, 2011

Precious Pregnancy Portraits Perth

A mere four days before her due date we were able to capture Grace with her partner Brandon. We usually recommend pregnant couples come between 30 and 37 weeks for their portrait session (it is definitely something you dont want to miss and some have been disappointed by leaving it too late!)

Grace called us for an appointment a couple of weeks ago adding that she couldn’t make come for her photoshoot until her Partner arrived from Hawaii. Poor Brandon arrived at our studio the morning after his arrival into Perth a little jet lagged but happy to be part of the photographic session. We were just glad that their little boy had stayed inside long enough to grab these incredible shots!

Brandons tatoo was epic and something Grace had mentioned she wanted captured in the shots.

As with all of our glamourous pregnancy sessions Grace and Brandon had a range of shots to choose from, individually and together, some showing and others not showing their pregnancy. We think it is always great to get some gorgeous couple images before a baby arrives as it is these last fleeting moments before the couple becomes a fully fledged family. 

We wish Grace and Brandon all the best for the safe and happy arrival of their little boy.

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