June 21, 2010

Sarre Gives Back to Subiaco – Portrait Photography Project Update!

Wandana Subiaco

Across the road from our studio is an apartment building, well known by the Subiaco community, ‘ Wandana’. Wandana was built post world war two and was seen as a solution to creating low-cost public housing close to the city. It was controversial as it was the first multi-story public housing building to have been built in Western Australia and one of the earliest in the Nation, critics at the time likened it to the slums of Tokyo and even the “projects” in America. It is heritage listed.

Our aim over the last twleve months has been to create a collection of photographic portraits of the residents of Wandana in their homes.

 John Whitfield-King Award for the “Best People Picture”

In 2009 Garry won the prestigious John Whitfield-King Award (WA) with this image of John Malarchy (as published in the Subiaco Post Newspaper.)

Wandana Man

Wandana Man

John’s openess about his personal struggle with Schizophrenia was brave. We left the shoot inspried by his ability to pick himself up day after day and felt honoured that we had been welcomed into his home so warmly.

Winning the John Whitfield-King Award for this image that we have such a strong personal connection was exhilirating!

2010 Australian Professional Photography Awards

The 2010 Australian Professional Photography Awards were held in Mebourne at the start of June, this image of Joanne an artist and resident at Wandana earned Garry a National Silver Award!


Joanne the artist

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